The Port of Kozmino is located near Nakhodka and is close to Russia’s borders with China and North Korea on the coast of the Sea of Japan and is Russia’s third-most important oil outlet.

The multibillion-dollar, state-of-the-art oil terminal was commended by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as one of the “biggest projects in contemporary Russia” and connects Russia’s Siberian oil fields to within just a few kilometers of China.

When the 4,070 kilometer East Siberian-Pacific Ocean (ESPO-oil pipleline’s second stage is finished in 2013, it will be the world’s longest. At a cost of $25 billion, it dwarfs all other infrastructure projects in post-Soviet Russia. Transport data for December 2010 showed that shippers paid 40 percent less per kilometer to ship a tonne of oil to the Pacific terminal at Kozmino than to Novorosysik

Rosneft Marine supplies the following fuel grades Kozmino:

  • IFO380
  • IFO180
  • MGO
Port of Kozmino
Coordinates 42°42’44″N   133°0’56″E
Water location Sea of Japan
Anchorage depth 15m
Cargo pier depth NA
Oil terminal depth 15m
Number of berths 1