The Port of Murmansk is the world’s largest port located behind the polar circle and is situated on the Kola Peninsula on the coast of the Barents Sea.

The Port of Murmansk holds a unique position among the northern ports of Russia due to its climatic conditions and geographical location. Situated in the North Pole at a latitude of 68 ° 58 ‘North, the port is unfrozen all year round, distinguishing it from the other ports in the North-West of Russia.

The port is also located comparatively close to the ports of Western Europe and is the gate to the Arctic Sea Way. These are some of the reasons why the Port of Murmansk has taken on important strategic significance in Russia since its inception.

Rosneft Marine supplies the following fuel grades in Murmansk:

  • IFO380
  • MGO
Port of Murmansk
Coordinates 68°34′48.00″N 33°30′0.00″E
Water location Barents Sea
Anchorage depth 16m
Cargo pier depth 8.2m -10.2m
Oil terminal depth 7.2m
Number of berths 97