The Tuapse terminal is located on the Black Sea coast in Krasnodar Territory, immediately adjacent to the Tuapse refinery. The terminal is used for export of products from the Tuapse refinery and the Samara group of refineries. Use of the terminal substantially enhances the efficiency of Rosneft product sales.

The Tuapse terminal can handle 10.2 million tonnes of petroleum products each year. Rosneft deliveries via the Tuapse terminal in 2009 were 8.0 million tonnes (including deliveries of bunkering fuel to export and to the domestic market).

The programme for expansion and modernization of the terminal was continued in 2009. Annual capacity of the terminal is to be increased to 17 million tonnes, allowing it to handle growing export flows from the Tuapse refinery as its output is expected to increase substantially in the future.

Rosneft Marine supplies the following fuel grades in Tuapse:

  • IFO380
  • MGO
Port of Tuapse
Coordinates 44°6′0.00″N 39°4′0.00″E
Water location Black Sea
Anchorage depth 12.5m – 13.7m
Cargo pier depth 6.4m – 7.6m
Oil terminal depth 9.4m – 10m
Number of berths 19