Tuapse Refinery

Tuapse refinery in the Krasnodar region has been part of Rosneft since the Company’s establishment, and is the oldest of Rosneft’s refineries. The plant has the most favourable location among Rosneft’s refineries, and is also the only Russian refinery on the Black Sea coast. The plant’s crude distillation capacity amounts to 5 million tonnes per year. The refinery processes crude oil from Western Siberia, which is delivered via the Transneft pipeline system, as well as crude oil produced by Rosneft in Souther Russia and delivered via the Transneft pipeline system and by rail. The plant specializes in the production of motor fuel.

Proximity to Rosneft’s Tuapse oil loading terminal enables the plant to export approximately 90% of petroleum products it produces. The remainder is sold domestically by Rosneft’s marketing subsidiaries and through Rosneft’s filling station network.

Crude inputs at the Tuapse refinery were 5.21 million tonnes in 2009, which is equal to the 2008 level. Refining capacities were fully loaded and output of petroleum products was 5.09 million tonnes. Refining depth in 2009 was 55.3%, unchanged from 2008.

Rosneft is currently implementing a comprehensive expansion and upgrade programme at Tuapse Refinery, which is primarily aimed at increasing refining capacity to 12 million tonnes, increasing refining depth to 95%, launching production of high-quality Euro-4 and Euro-5 products, implementing process control and management systems meeting modern industrial safety and environmental standards, and establishing mechanisms to adjust the volume and quality of petroleum products in accordance with market trends and seasonal fluctuations in demand.