The Port of Vanino is a major port in Pacific Russia and is one of the ten largest ports in Russia with regards to its cargo-handling volume. The Port of Vanino handles export and import cargo from all over the world and is in operation all year round.

The importance of the Port of Vanino has been increasing in recent years due to the improvement of trade relations of Russia with the countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Rosneft Marine supplies the following fuel grades Vanino:

  • IFO180
  • MGO
Port of Vanino
Coordinates 49°4′60.00″N 140°16′0.00″E
Water location Sea of Japan
Anchorage depth 12.5m – 13.7m
Cargo pier depth 9.4m – 10m
Oil terminal depth 9.4m – 10m
Number of berths 17