The Port of Vladivostok is situated on the north-western coast of the ice free Golden Horn Bay and was founded in 1897. It benefits from an advantageous geographical position in that it is located at the crossroads of International transport corridors. It also developed a strong cargo handling infrastructure which has solidified its role as one of the leading ports in the Russian Far East.

The port has the world’s standards service structure, which includes stevedoring, agency, forwarding, tugs, survey, tally, and other companies providing a full range of modern services to fleets calling at the port.

Rosneft Marine supplies the following fuel grades in Vladivostok:

  • IFO180
  • MGO
Port of Vladivostok
Coordinates 43°7′58.80″N 131°55′30.00″E
Water location Sea of Japan
Anchorage depth 11m – 12.2m
Cargo pier depth 11m – 12.2m
Oil terminal depth 11m – 12.2m
Number of berths 17